Canberra Wireless Network has coverage over large portions of Canberra and surrounds. It should be noted that all coverage maps are somewhat theoretical. While real word data has been used to compute them, in most cases the only way to know if you have coverage is to try it out. If you want a path profile to a particular site done please Contact Us. The best coverage can be found around Tuggeranong and down into Naas Valley. We also have a number of users connected from the Jerrabomberra area, as well as some of the northern suburbs where Site A is visible.

We are actively working on increasing coverage - but hardware costs and finding the time to liaise and conduct site surveys can be difficult. If you are keen to help out let us know. Also - if you know a good spot for a relay please let us know (maybe you want to run one at your home?).

Coverage Maps

To more closly inspect the coverage, all coverage maps include a google earth kmz file. To access the file please go to the appropriate site page, and click on the coverage image - the kmz will then download.


This is a combined coverage map, including all active public AP's. This should give you a good indication as to if you are in the coverage zone of one of the AP's.

Site A [authenticated users only]

Site A is located on Mt Tennent, and provides coverage both to the North and South. The is currently our primary AP, but with an aim to make it out backhaul AP in the future.



Site B [authenticated users only]

Site B is located above Greenway. It provides good coverage to most of the Tuggranong valley and some select coverage out to Jerrabomberra. There are two AP's with overlapping coverage - one with 16dbi gain and the other with 19dbi gain, and hence can provide full duplex communication between sites if users are configured correctly.

Site C [authenticated users only]

Site C is located deep in Naas Valley. This provides increased coverage to users deep in the valley where trees or smaller hills may obstuct the view to Site A.

Site D [authenticated users only]

Site D is located in Conder and provides an omni directional AP with a direct connection to the CWN core routers. If you are located in Conder or the surrounds this should be your AP.