About Us

The Canberra Wireless Network was established in Canberra in 2010 with a point to point link between Bonython and Monash. In late 2011 it started to grow rapidly following the contribution by local members. Since its inception the Canberra Wireless Network has established repeater and access sites throughout Canberra. Our largest and proudest achievement is the installation of two sectors on Mt Tennent in Canberra’s south. From this location we have coverage as far north as Franklin.

The Canberra Wireless Network works closely with other organisations including CRARC and WICEN. With their support and the support of ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) we were able to establish communications into Naas Valley – to support events such as “The battle of the Beast”. Canberra Wireless Network has provided a free access IP network to use as an alternative to voice only VHF/UHF communications.

Canberra Wireless Network is not a telecommunications carrier, we are a not-for-profit. We do not sell any services but are happy to allow anyone to connect and use our network (for non-commercial use only). Support is community driven. If you would like to help out – either running or hosting an access point, being a committee member, supporting and/or providing hardware or anything else (like contributing to and maintaining this website) – please get in touch.