Welcome to the Canberra Wireless Network (CWN) website. This site is the central place for users to get information about activities, events and status updates for CWN.

Canberra Wireless Network is a community driven, not-for-profit organisation that’s aim is to provide a free access, wireless network for as much of Canberra and its surrounds as possible. Currently we run 6 networked access points across southern Canberra with an aim of expanding that as much as possible. Please see the coverage page for overlays of the current coverage.

Coverage Maps

We have just completed uploading new coverage maps for all of the public AP's. Some of the resolutions are still a little low, but they will give you an idea of if there is coverage in your area. If you want an actual analysis done as to if you should be able to see an AP, Contact Us with your address/lat+long and we will run the maths for you.

Coverage Maps

EDIT: The combined coverage map now has a streetmap underlay. For best viewing please use the kmz and google earth.


Registration has been opened up to all users or visitors. You need to be registered to access some content (large coverage maps ect) - this is to prevent bots eating all our data. So please feel free to sign up, we dont require any information other than a username and email address.